How We Find Our Select Lawyers

Select Professionals selection process begins with surveys of legal professionals. Each year, Select Professionals surveys thousands of lawyers with the help of an independent market research firm, Polk Lepson Research from York, PA.

The Select Professionals research team carefully reviews the credentials of every lawyer being considered for inclusion in Select Professionals Guides®, magazine articles and website.

Information on outcomes, procedure volume and malpractice is becoming increasingly available, but the public disclosure varies. Select Professionals uses its best efforts to gather the information that is available and use it effectively. Ultimately, however, it is the professional judgment of the Select Professionals editors and the research staff which determines Select Professionals Select Lawyers™ selection.

Lawyers may also be removed from the Select Professionals lists if, in the judgment of the research team, that is warranted. Some of the reasons attorneys are removed include retirement, change in practice, malpractice or disciplinary issues, professional demeanor or a change in the “mix” of specialists Select Professionals will present for a given community. Being removed from a Select Professionals list does not necessarily indicate something negative about the attorney. At the same time, Select Professionals does not claim to identify every excellent lawyer in the region.

How often does Select Professionals LLC update profiles of Select Lawyers?

The listings of top lawyers are updated annually. Additionally, as Select Professionals’ research staff becomes aware of changes in lawyers’ information, changes are made on an ongoing basis in lawyers’ profiles.

Do attorneys pay to be listed in Select Professionals Guides?

No. Lawyers cannot and do not pay to be listed in any Select Professionals guide. They are selected based on nominations by their peers and reviewed by Select Professionals’ research team.